Gulf Engineer's Consultants


Tube Wells in Bangladesh

1 June 2009

Naim Kabir a 16-year-old student (Class of 2010, American School of Kuwait) who currently resides in Kuwait – was recently in Bangladesh with the aim of drilling tube wells into village aquifers and restoring clarity to the water people pour into their bodies. Behind him are the funds of companies such as Khaled Kharafi, Gulf Engineer’s Consultants – GEC DAR and PSC; all of which are Kuwaiti corporations seeking to show their compassion for a foreign nation. Roquibul Hassan, a former cricket captain, has also sponsored him locally.

Their combined efforts have culminated with a single tube well being inserted in Gopalgaanj, and another three being driven into the soil of Babunagar, Noakhali. Kabir is fueled not by pit for the people or even by the prospect of moral recompense; it is a feeling of obligation that drives him. This project was within his grasp, and he felt that was reason enough to do it.

Such belief extends towards you, the reader. Such opinions took voice when he stated that “your obligations to the people around you – to your family, friends and even to those who are complete strangers – weave together a singular tapestry of social duty, one that binds you, compels you.

“If you can help in any way, if a single plan or notion kindles whining your mind, it is your job to do it. If you can, then you must.”